About us

We work hard to provide you the best quality home decor products.

Our unique products create the backdrop for memorable life events, like a family dinner, a child’s first birthday, a 20th wedding anniversary, or just a cozy evening indoors. 

Home Quest Decor is a place filled with classic, timeless design made for everyday life. The bedroom you’ve always wanted. The rug that turns a hall into a room. Whether you’re looking to refresh a reading nook or an entire house, Home Quest Decor is where you’ll find the pieces that look instantly at home in your home – and that you’ll love every day for years.

Our Company

Est 2013 – What started as up-cycling, restoring and/or re-purposing old furniture, soon turned into a passion for sourcing unique, yet affordable, items to complement those pieces. I loved the result so much that I wanted to share it with everybody. A home is never completed. It’s always changing and evolving as each stage in our lives changes and evolves – and I want to be a part of that. So, in March of 2018, I started selling to members of my community, and then I listed some items on Etsy. Before long, it had grown to the point where I needed my own website – and here I am. So, from my home to yours, I hope you love these products as much as I do.

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A place filled with classic, timeless design made for everyday life. Thanks for stopping by!