Day 11 - Fall Sweep : Clean Your Bedroom in 20 Minutes With This Checklist

Declutter Declutter your bedroom

If you share a home with family or roommates, your bedroom might be the only space that’s exclusively “yours”—and it does a lot of work being a living/dining/sleeping/storage space all at once. Or maybe you have an entire home to yourself, so your bedroom is really only for sleeping—but also living and storage, and sometimes dining, too.

The point is, we all do a lot of living in our bedrooms. And because they’re one of the most private spaces at home, they probably get the least attention when you’re tidying up for guests.

Today, take 20 minutes to clear a few things out of your bedroom and make it a more peaceful place to be tonight.

Declutter your bedroom


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Do a 20 Minute Sweep of Your Bedroom.

You know what to do: Set a 20-minute timer and do as much as you can to get errant items out of the bedroom before the clock runs out. 

Where to Look:

  • side tables and nightstands
  • nightstand drawers
  • the dresser top and other surfaces
  • consoles and armoires
  • closets and drawers where you keep linens or other non-clothing
  • hooks and storage racks
  • vanity tables
  • open shelves
  • under the bed
  • on and inside a storage ottoman or bench
  • the dreaded clothes chair

What To Look For:

  1. Books and magazines
  2. Drinking glasses and mugs
  3. Remote controls
  4. Electronics
  5. Phone chargers and cords that aren’t being used
  6. Random objects and decor
  7. Dingy or very old sheets and linens
  8. Clothing tags and other trash
  9. Hangers or sleeves to take back to the dry cleaners
  10. Safety pins and bobby pins
  11. Out-of-place grooming supplies or makeup
  12. Jewelry out of its place
  13. Clothes piled and draped where they shouldn’t be
  14. Socks—so many socks
  15. Shoes, handbags and accessories where they don’t belong
When time is up, stop decluttering. Everything you picked up during your 20-minute sweep should be taken out of the room and either returned to where it belongs, or sorted out of the house (into the trash or into your “sell” and “donate” boxes).
And Don't Forget : Clear three things from your Monster Zone.


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