Day 12 - Fall Sweep : "Dump Zones" Are The Key to a Clutter Free Home

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Even when my space is sparkling and gleaming from the ceiling to the floors, there is at least one spot in each room that I can guarantee is a mess.

Those are my dump zones, similar to your kitchen junk drawer, and if you ask me, they’re the key to being one of those “clean people” who can find the time and the tools to battle clutter every day. I have a junk drawer in the kitchen, a basket in the living room, and a basket in the entryway.

Here’s how “dump zones” work, and how to set some up for yourself.



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Set up a “dump” zone in one of your rooms.

The kitchen doesn’t have to be the only room that has a junk drawers. There are just as many floating objects in the bedroom, or bathroom, or living room—objects that are better off staying in those rooms. So today, I want you to identify the room or space in your home that feels the most like a small-clutter magnet and outfit that room with its own junk-drawer-type dump zone.

The dump zone might look a little different depending on what room it’s in, but it will serve the same purpose a junk drawer does. It should be a small, confined container where things with no home can collect for a short or long while. You might try a dump bowl in the entryway for keys, sunglasses, etc. Or a dump tray in the bedroom for safety pins and matches. Or a dump basket in the living room for small toys and magazines. Or a dump drawer (yep, you can stick to the drawer concept if you’ve got one to spare) in the bathroom for bobby pins and skincare samples.

Get the idea? Clutter knows no bounds, and it can and will take over any room.

In the future, you can use your dump bowl—or tray or drawer—to help you clear clutter from the room. When you need to tidy up, anything without a home can go in that spot. And you’ll know exactly where to look for that random thing you knew you ought to keep.


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