Fall Sweep- Day 3 : Remove 3 Things From Your Monster Zone

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Slow and steady wins the race and that's true about decluttering too. Spending more time decluttering slowly uncovers a new lifestyle that allows us to be perpetually uncluttered.

Identify your monster zone and remove three things from it.

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Your "monster zone" is your biggest cluttered mess at home. That space is different for everyone, but it will, most likely, be very obvious to you. It might be a closet, or your attic, or the basement, or a space under your bed. If nothing is obvious, or you have a few and need help narrowing it down, I like to apply the box test -

If you opened up a brand new item and wanted to store the box it came in, where would you put that box? That spot is your monster zone.

Once you've identified your monster zone, remove three things from it. Just three! Open a box, dig into a drawer - whatever you need to do - find three items that you don't really need anymore and place them in one of the "sell" and "donate" boxes you set up on day one. Or even just the trash or recycling bin.

If you're struggling with what to get rid of, use the rules from yesterday's assignment to help you stay ruthless.

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Every weekday for the rest of the Fall Sweep, we’re going to remove three more things from our monster zones. At the end of it, our biggest messes will be almost 40 things lighter.


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