Fall Sweep - Day 5 : Declutter Your Clothes

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Decluttering can be hard - especially when it comes to our closet. But there is one simple thing you can do to change your mind about your decluttering efforts: When you're going through your clothes, spend your time thinking about what you want to live WITH, instead of what you want to live without. With this in mind, take everything out of your closet first, and then pick out the things you love the most.

Here's how my closet started out - pretty messy, right?

No turning back now!

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Declutter your clothes

If you need to spend more time on decluttering your clothes, set aside a day off for this. 

Here's now to do it:

1.  Take everything out of the closet and dresser. Everything! Lay it on the bed or on a sheet on the floor.

2.  Sort into piles by category. That might be jeans, dresses, tops etc. Do whatever makes sense for your wardrobe.

3.  Choose two or three favourites from each pile to keep. Put the things you want back into the closet or dresser. Instead of thinking about what you want to live without, focus more on what you want to live WITH.

4.  Keep picking favourites until your closet/dresser is full. Once you've got just the favourites in place, keep adding favourites from each category.

5.  Get rid of everything left in the pile. You don't have room for it and you don't love it as much as everything else.

Here's the finished product from my decluttering afternoon - much better!

To read the full blog post on how I decluttered my closet, click here.

Don't forget to clear another three things from your monster zone.


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