Fall Sweep - Day 6 : How to Prevent Clutter Before It Starts

I used to be an impulse shopper. I would see things for my home or for myself that I thought I loved and simply couldn't do without, and I would buy them and bring them home. Before long, I had a house full of "stuff." Ornaments gathering dust, kitchen cupboards full of things that I never used (it seemed like a good idea at the time), closets full of clothes I hated - clutter everywhere! It was only when I started looking for ways to save money, that I realized how much I actually spent on stuff I didn't need! I decided to stop the clutter before it entered my home.

When you grab a magazine to read or buy a new jacket for a cooler season coming up, you're bringing new things into your home. Those things might be clutter, or they might not. One way to make decluttering easier is to start with less stuff.

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Do one thing to attack the source and prevent clutter from coming in.

The whole concept of “bring home fewer things” comes easier to some people than to others. If you struggle with it, I want you to spend some time today really thinking about how clutter comes to be. Start to realize that your frustrating clutter problems start long before the drawers won’t close and the closet won’t shut.
Then, take that newfound clarity and let it inspire you to do one thing from this list (of course, if you want to do more - all the better!):
  1. Cancel a magazine subscription.
  2. Unsubscribe from email and paper newsletters.
  3. Request electronic delivery of your regular paper mail, like bills or bank statements.
  4. Set a recurring weekly reminder to digitize any papers you’re keeping “just in case.”
  5. Put a trash can or paper shredder by the door where mail comes in.
  6. Set up a permanent donation basket near the front door and commit to making weekly or monthly trips to empty it.
  7. Make a budget or set up a spending plan for shopping. Click here for tips on meal planning.
  8. Implement a one-in, one-out rule for clothes or books, toys or household items.
  9. Put a reminder on your phone background that says "Say no to free stuff."
  10. Watch an episode (or several) of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. Laugh all you want, but you will be inspired to stop messes before they start.
Don't forget to clear three things from your monster zone!



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