Fall Sweep. Day One - How to Set up a Decluttering Station

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Hello everyone! Welcome to day one of our 15 day decluttering challenge. Since we’re taking on a slow-but-steady decluttering challenge, you’re going to need a place where you can sort and store all the things you’re getting rid of during the next 15 days. So find a spot that’s convenient but out of your way—like the area under your desk, a spot in the garage, or just in a corner somewhere—and that’s big enough to stash three boxes.


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They don't have to be boxes. They can be baskets, garbage bags, or whatever you have lying around. Just make sure that you have three of them and label them as follows:

"SELL" - This box is for items that you think have value.

"DONATE"  - For things that are in good shape but not worth selling - or things you want to give to friends or family.
"MAYBES"  - For items you're not sure about. Something you're on the fence about tossing or that don't have a home in your just yet.Set up and label your "boxes" - that's it for today. We'll get to filling them up tomorrow!

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