Get In on the Turkish Towel Trend

I have fallen in love with Turkish Towels! Anyone who knows me, knows I love stripes. I also love the beach (and wine and chocolate, but that's for another blog post!).

If you're looking for the perfect bath towel, read on. Soft, versatile, and lightweight, Turkish towels are the must-have linen you won’t want to be without.

Turkish Towels


Turkish towels, also known as peshtemal, fouta, or hammam towels, have been around a long time. Originating in 17th century Turkey, these towels are made of high-quality Turkish cotton – specifically tight woven cotton on one side, and plush terry cotton on the reverse. Known to soften with time, Turkish cotton is thin, lightweight, and versatile, so it comes as no surprise that these towels are gaining in popularity.

Grey Turkish Towel


Thin & Lightweight

Turkish towels are much thinner than an average bath towel, so they are easy to pack and ideal for travel – be it a quick trip to the beach or an extended vacation.

Superior Absorbency

Turkish cotton is highly absorbent, however it dries more quickly than Egyptian cotton due to its thin construction. The benefit? Quick-drying towels smell better because mildew isn’t given time to accumulate.

Softens with Time

Turkish cotton gets softer the more you use and wash it. Need we say more?


While most commonly used as a bath or beach towel, a Turkish towel can also be used as a throw blanket, sarong, scarf, or tablecloth. The possibilities are up to you.

Turkish Towels at Home Quest Decor

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4 Ways to Use a Turkish Towel

Bath Towel

Turkish towels are perfect for the shower or bath because they dry quickly - goodbye. Plus they're a stylish addition to any bathroom (did I mention I love stripes?) and we love the fringe.

Grey Turkish Towels

Throw Blanket

Dress up your indoor or outdoor seating area with a Turkish towel-turned-decorative throw.

Turkish throw blanket

Beach Towel

Unlike standard beach towels, Turkish towels won't become threadbare with repeated trips through the washing machine. Look for coastal stripes or vibrant hues for a beach favourite.

Turkish beach towel

Wrap or Sarong

Make a fashion statement and wrap yourself in a Turkish towel or wear it as a sarong. It's lightweight so you can keep cool and protect yourself from the sun at the pool or beach.

And now I think I'll go to the beach! 


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